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EFETnet B.V. has a lean organisational structure. Managing Director is Hugh Brunswick. The Managing Director is advised by the EFET Steering Group on matters related to priorities, investments,  marketing and communication.


Hugh Brunswick has been the Managing Director of EFETnet since 2005.  Hugh also contributes to the Business Process and IT Standardisation activities of the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET).

At EFETnet Hugh has overseen the introduction and development of several EFETnet services that implement the EFET Standards and the steady growth of the EFETnet membership with a focus on cost control and innovation. Hugh has over 18 years of experience in energy and commodity markets.

Prior to EFETnet, Hugh worked in business and IT consultancy for various consulting organisations. He is a graduate of the University of Manchester with BSc (Hons) Physics and MSc Computer Science.

His work with EFET and at EFETnet has provided Hugh with an opportunity to work in Europe and the US with traders, brokers, exchanges, clearers  and regulatory repositories and to develop a deep understanding of the energy and commodity markets from the strategic, regulatory, commercial, operational and technical perspectives.

A Supervisory Board oversees the management of EFETnet B.V. It is the role of the Supervisory Board to supervise the EFETnet management to ensure that EFETnet is run as a sound non-profit organisation to the benefit of the industry. The Supervisory Board also sees to the non-discriminatory treatment of EFETnet clients. The Supervisory Board duties are performed by Jan Haizmann


Dr Jan Haizmann has been the Chairman of EFETnet's Supervisory Board since 2005.  Over the years, Jan’s role has been to effectively supervise the EFET management and to ensure that EFETnet is run to the benefit of the energy industry and in line with the principles of EFET. Jan assisted in drafting the contractual set-up of EFETnet and helped implementing every new product-launch.
Jan had held various executive functions in energy trading companies between 1999 and 2005. Since then, he chairs the EFET Legal Committee, served as Managing Director of EFET Germany (2009-2013), and heads up the EFET Brussels Liaison office which links EFET with the European Institutions. Jan has been an important link between different EFET entities and sits on the EFET Board of Directors.
In parallel, Jan is working as  independent consultant to the energy trading industry. He has been appointed as neutral arbitrator to help finding solutions in complex commercial disputes, and is assisting companies to adapt their compliance processes to financial regulation to their business. Jan graduated in law at the Universities of Freiburg, London (LL.M) and Brussels. He is based in Brussels, Belgium.