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EFETnet Annual User Meeting

7 & 8 June 2017

Grandior Hotel Prague,

Czech Republic

The user meeting is taking place on the 7th of June and this years' theme is "Uncertainty in the world of energy trading". Several workshops will be offered on the 8th of June. Please find below the draft programme.

7 June 2017

10.30  Opening Address

10.35  Energy transition: a new market paradigm
          Kirsten Hasberg, Co-founder of StromDAO and lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen

11.05  Opportunities in a changing market for the EFETnet community:
          - Track record and future views
          - Data package
          - Real time statistics
          Liam Dunne, Chief Technology Officer, EFETnet

11.30  Coffee Break

12.00 Challenges in the Eastern European market
 Miroslav Zadak, Representative Agent, Amper Market

  Panel Discussion: What will the next three years bring for you and your company:
         - Brexit
         - Changing competition
         - The impact of new technology   
         - Regulatory developments 
         with contributions from Gavin Ferguson, Regulatory Change Manager, Centrica
         Adelaida Baston, Regulatory Reporting, ENDESA
         Milan Kucera, Commodity Markets Compliance, CEZ
         Kirsten Hasberg, Co-founder of StromDAO, Lecturer at IT University of Copenhagen
         Jan Haizmann, Managing Director, Corregio 

13.15  Lunch Break

14.30  REMIT - what have we learned from the first 18 months
           Aviv Handler, Consultant in Energy and Commodity Trading, ETR Advisory

15.00  New or updated EFETnet solutions for regulatory compliance:
           - MAR
           - MiFID II
           - EMIR Level 3 and FinfraG
           - REMIT data quality (UTI repair)
           Hugh Brunswick and Liam Dunne, EFETnet

15.45  Coffee Break

16.15 What to expect: EFETnet's new services for small and medium-sized traders
          Filip Sleeuwagen
, Commercial Affairs, EFETnet

16.45  Interactive survey session: feedback from the users on EFETnet system and services
          Tilo Zimmermann, Managing Director, Ponton

17.05  Blockchain applications to energy trading
          Michael Merz, Managing Director, Ponton

17.25 A blockchain-based optimisation of the settlement process
          Markus Wilms, Head of BO Service, RWE

17.45  The future of EFETnet
          Jan van Aken, Secretary General, EFET

18.00  Closing address
          Hugh Brunswick, EFETnet

EFETnet User Meeting Social Event (19.15 - 23.30 hrs)
19.15 Departure to social event
19.30 Special venue: buffet dinner and music
23.30 End of social event

Attendance free of charge for registered participants, lunch, refreshments and the social function are included


8 June 2017

On the 8th of June several workshops are offered. The workshops take place from 09.00 - 15.00 hrs. A registration fee of 600 euro (excl. VAT) per person applies.

Workshop: Regulatory & Legal Track: MAR & MiFID II 

09.00  Opening address
          Hugh Brunswick, Managing Director, EFETnet

09.10  Efficient compliance in wholesale energy trading
          How to achieve cost reduction for legal fees, transactions and admin but staying compliant
          in multiple European markets. 
         Jan Haizmann, Managing Director, Correggio and Nadine Haase, Senior Associate, Correggio

09.45  The Swiss regulatory landscape for energy traders as a blue-print for Post-Brexit UK
Tzvetlina Tzankova, Senior Expert, ElCom

10.30  Coffee Break

11.00  When things get serious: How to follow up on a MAR alert with an Suspicious Transaction
          and Order Report (STOR)
          legal and risk considerations
          Moritz Muck, Legal Counsel, Syneco

11.30  Implementing MAR: Lessons learned from advising energy traders - common mistakes
          and other "war stories"
          Gunther Dütsch, Senior Manager, Commodity Trading Risk Management, PwC

12.00  Update on MiFID II from a market participant perspective
Milan Kucera, Commodity Markets Compliance, CEZ

12.30  Lunch Break

13.30  Implementing MiFID II standard industry data flow
Hugh Brunswick, EFETnet

14.00.  MiFID II, what it means for brokers
Nick Jackson, General Counsel, Griffin Markets

 14.30   Servicing the market as an Approved Reporting Mechanisms (ARM) for MiFID II
Tom Wieczorek,
Global Head of Product Management, Unavista

14.55.  Closing
             Hugh Brunswick, 

15.00.   End of session

Workshop: Operational & IT Track: MAR & MiFID II

09.00  Opening Address
  Tilo Zimmermann, Managing Director, Ponton

09.10  Case study: In-house development of a MAR/STOR solution, miles, make vs buy,
          lessons learned

          Helle Ancher Munch, Lead Compliance Manager, DONG Energy

09.50  Panel - Implementing and operating a MAR system: Do's and Don'ts, facilitated by Aviv Handler,
          ETR Advisory
          Panelists: Gavin Ferguson, Centrica
                          Helle Ancher Munch, DONG Energy
                          Gunther Dütsch, PwC
10.30  Coffee Break

11.00  Normalising order & trade data for MAR
          Thomas Sonnenberg
, Ponton

11.30  Results from MAR data pilot
          Tilo Zimmermann, Ponton

12.00  MAR Implementation of EFETnet
          Liam Dunne, EFETnet

12.30  Lunch Break

Afternoon session: the legal and operational track will be combined, see the above session programme from 13.30-15.00

Workshop Blockchain for Energy Trading & Settlement

09.00  Keynote address: Blockchain as a disruptor in the world of energy trading. Where are we going?
          Kirsten Hasberg, Co-founder of StromDAO and Lecturer at the IT-University of Copenhagen

09.30  Introduction to blockchain technology
          Michael Merz, Ponton

10.15  Coffee Break

10.45  Legal view on blockchain
          Cristina Ludena, EFETnet

11.30  Settlement using blockchain
          Markus Wilms, RWE

12.00  Discussion round on settlement
          All above speakers and audience

12.30  Lunch Break

13.30  Enerchain  -  peer-2-peer trading of wholesale products
          Michael Merz, Ponton

14.00  Using blockchain for grid management processes
          Michael Merz, Ponton

14.30  Discussion

15.00  End of workshop

Workshop: eCM and eRR: User training for business
Target audience: Operations, Regulatory compliance managers, Reporting system users, 
Presenters: Senior Consultants from Ponton

09.00  Overview of CMS processes and features.

09.10  Electronic Confirmation Matching, CMS environment, security concept, new features.

09.30  eRR - concepts: process flow and advanced scenarios. Agent reporting terms and pre-conditions,
          3rd party reporting, 4th party reporting.

10.00  eRR for EMIR. Trade repository behaviour, trade types, reconciliation and process features, pitfallls.

11.00  Coffee Break

11.30  eRR for REMIT Phase I: OMP deals, process and integration options, current state of the system. 
          Lessons learned from operation. 

12.00  eRR for REMIT Phase II: bilateral trades and (agent) reporting - overview

12.30  Lunch Break

13.30  eRR for REMIT Phase II cases:
             - Bilateral/lookalike OTC transactions
             - Table II/Non-Standard Transactions
             - Executions of Non-Standard Transactions
             - Table III, Table IV, Fundamentals
          Focus on pitfalls (UTI), and others known issues during operation
          Upcoming features and changes - data repair

14.30  Integration options for either manual reporting or automated integration:
             - eRR Lite/GUI entry
             - Ponton R/R
             - Ponton E/A and X/D
             - Ways to make use of confirmation matching's data correctness output (deal data and possibly UTI)
          in regulatory reporting and synergies.

15.00  End of session

Workshop: eCM and eRR: technical training 
Target audience: Operations, Sysadmins, IT architects, EAI integration developers
Presenters: Senior Consultants from Ponton

09.00  Introduction: EFETnet, eCM, eRR, solution architecture

          Morning Session: Running the solution
09.30  Understanding technical and business workflows
             - Technical confirmation matching and reporting workflows with EFETnet
             - Technical communication (X/P and CMS)

10.00  EFETnet Software: Components, interfaces & processes
             - X/D, E/A, X/P, CMS
             - Covering technical and user interfaces with a smidgen of business context

11.00  Coffee Break

11.30  Maintenance
             - X/P, CMS, infrastructure

12.00   Troubleshooting and Q&A
              - Detecting and handling "issues"
              - Suggestions and discussion

12.30  Lunch Break
          Afternoon session: Running an integration project

13.30  Technical and organisational requirements for eCM and eRR

14.00  Backend and frontend integration
              - X/P setup
              - Kinds of backend adapters
              - BoxResults and other process feedback

14.45  Efforts, resources, experiences, Q&A

15.00  End of session



In case you would like to receive more information or like to register already, please send an email to registration[at] 

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