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EFETnet Annual User Meeting

6 & 7 June 2018

Courtyard Madrid Princesa,


The user meeting took place on the 6th of June and this years' theme was "A stable foundation in an innovative market". Several workshops were offered on the 7th of June. Please find below the topics which were addressed in the programme. 

6 June 2018


10.30   Opening Address
            Hugh Brunswick, Managing Director, EFETnet

10.35   New technologies in energy trading: Artificial Intelligence and how it can change the world
            Michel Verschuere, Managing Director Energy Management, Yuso

11.05   Bright future: roadmap strategy, new products and partnerships
            Liam Dunne, Chief Technology Officer, EFETnet 

11.30   Coffee Break

12.00   Panel on MAR - MiFIDII - EMIR regulation
            Chair: David Trevallion, member EFETnet Steering committee & Regulation Assurance Manager,
            Jörg Reichelt, Head of Settlement Trading, Alpiq
            Folker Trepte, Partner, PwC
            Adelaida Baston, Head Regulatory Reporting, Endesa ENEL
            Marc Merrill, Senior Vice President, Director International Law & Global Trading, Uniper

12.45   Lunch Break

14.15   New services - benefits for small and medium energy traders (SMT)
            Filip Sleeuwagen and Malte Möller, EFETnet

14.45   Interactive feed back session
            Hugh Brunswick, EFETnet and Tilo Zimmermann, Managing Director, Ponton

15.15   Coffee Break

15.45   The challenges of market abuse regulations and how eTM can help
            Juliane  Bednarz, Ponton

16.15  Data tsunami, gaining insights from information
           Rob Palmer, EFETnet

16.45  EFETnet next steps and closing address
           Hugh Brunswick, EFETnet

17.00  End of conference day


7 June 2018

On the 7th of June several workshops were offered. 

Workshop 1 (09.00 - 15.00) 
Regulatory change 

09.00  Opening Address
            Hugh Brunswick, Managing Director, EFETnet 

09.10  Regulatory Updates
           Aviv Handler, Consultant Energy and Commodity Trading, ETR Advisory

09.45  Zoom on regulatory challenges under MiFIDII and MAR
           Tine Bax, Head of Market Regulation, ENGIE

10.30   Coffee Break

11.00  How MiFIDII works - operational challenges and technical implementation
           Hugh Brunswick, EFETnet

11.30  MiFIDII - OTF view
           Alex McDonald, CEO, London Energy Brokers Assocation (LEBA)

12.30  Lunch Break

13.30  Brexit - latest evaluation
           Carys Rhianwen, Regulatory Affairs, Centrica 

14.00  MAR: market view and feedback of implementation
           Tilo Zimmermann, Managing Director Ponton

14.30  Data quality 
Liam Dunne, Chief Technology Officer, EFETnet

14.55  Closing
           Hugh Brunswick, EFETnet

15.00  End of session

Workshop 2 (09.00 - 15.00)
Blockchain in energy

09.00  Blockchain technology and specific blockchain infrastructures
           Michael Merz, Initiator Enerchain and Managing Director Ponton

10.30  Coffee Break
11.00  Legal and regulation: Blockchain after the hangover - which processes do really work in energy
           Michael Merz

11.30  Blockchain in energy trading - strategy
           Javier Alonso, Head of Front Office Iberia, Endesa ENEL

12.00  Blockchain in energy trading - legal and business aspects
           Eric Fuhro, Legal Counsel, NEAS

12.30  Lunch Break

13.30  Applications for blockchain in the wider energy space
          Michael Merz, Ponton

14.00  Integration of Biogas registers over the blockchain and/or using blockchain in the fuel supply chain
           Michael Merz, Ponton

14.30  Q&A session
14.55  Closing 
15.00  End of Session

Workshop 3 (09.00 - 15.00)
User Training on EFETnet services: eCM, eRR for REMIT / EMIR, eTM
Presented by Ponton        

09.00  Overview of CMS processes and features

09.10   Electronic Confirmation Matching, CMS environment, security concept, new features

09.30.  eRR - concepts: process flow and advanced scenarios. Agent reporting terms and pre-  
            conditions, 3rd party reporting, 4th party reporting

10.00. eRR for EMIR. Trade repository behaviour, trade types, reconciliation and process features,

11.00   Coffee break

11.30  eRR for REMIT Phase 1

12.00  eRR for REMIT Phase 2

12.30  Lunch

13.30  eRR for REMIT Phase 2 cases, upcoming features and changes eTM, MiFID, EMIR L3

14.30  Integration options

15.00  End of Session