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Small and Medium size Trading Companies (SMT) Functionalities

Regulatory Reporting (REMIT, EMIR, Electricity Supply Ordinance, FinfraG) places an obligation on all market participants to ensure correctness of data being reported, regardless of their size or trading activity. 

EFETnet has developed SMT Services for the specific group of companies that typically trade in lower volumes but face the same reporting obligations as their larger counterparties. These smaller companies have typically chosen to delegate their reporting obligations to their counterparties (Reporting On Behalf of Others - ROBO).

SMT Services offer an efficient and effective tool to facilitate regulatory reporting compliance for the benefit of the Reporter (ROBO Reporter) and the Reportee (SMT counterparty). The service is free of charge for the Reportee.

Benefits for you as a Reportee: 
- An autonomous, efficient and effective way to monitor reporting of your trading activities in real time
- Clear straightforward overview of your reported trades, per reporter and per jurisdiction, including regulatory results
- Overview including regulatory results accessible online and easy to download
- Full access to underlying details of both reported trades and status of all submitted reports within reporting process
- Easy access to reported files (XML) for compliance purposes
- No IT integration project required

Benefits for you as a Reporter:
- Full automatic feedback of ROBO activities to the Reportee(s)
- Standardised activity report made available with drill-down flexibility
- No manual intervention required to provide activity report and reported XML files to Reportee(s)
- Fewer manual activities required to provide reports and results to Reportees, leading to increased scalability
- Full transparency on Reportees signing up to the SMT service (per Reporter)

SMT Services are built to ensure Small and Medium sized Trading companies can comply with regulations and their responsibilities in the overall regulatory reporting process (exhaustiveness and correctness of data submitted) on the one hand and to facilitate an easier, faster and less labor intensive process for the reporting company on the other hand.

For more information please contact Malte Möller or Filip Sleeuwagen at