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Please review the EFETnet contracts here:

Schedule 1: Fee Schedule 2017
Schedule 2: Maintenance Services
Schedule 3: Not Used
Schedule 4: Testing Requirements
Schedule 5: EFETnet Software System Requirements
Schedule 6: EFEnet Software
Schedule 7: Not used
Schedule 8: Central Matching Service

Change Notices
Change Notice 26 eRR Update- Agent Reporting /New appendix 4 -CMS electronic Trade Monitoring (eTM)

For previous change notices, please check the archive.

Central Matching Service Schedule Appendix 1
eXRP (Electronic eXchange Related Processes) - Appendix 2 Appendix 2
eRR (Electronic Regulatory Reporting) - Appendix 3 Appendix 3
MAR Service description Appendix 4
eRR REMIT (Electronic Regulatory Reporting - REMIT) Sub Appendix 3 Sub Appendix 3

Technical Requirements